This powerful visual tool enables you to talk easily and accurately about the sounds of English. When combined with the teaching techniques we've developed, the Chart supports a simple, transformational approach to teaching spoken English.  The Color Vowel™ Chart approach allows learners to easily focus on stress and rhythm - a key to "listener-friendly" English.

  • At the classroom level, the Chart enriches the teaching of vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading, and pronunciation.
  • As part of an integrated curriculum, the Chart provides teachers and students with a common language for making connections between what they learn in one class and what they do in another.
  • In a one-on-one setting the chart provides a focal point for working on pronunciation.

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What People are saying:

"One of my favorite things about the chart is the way that it visually brings attention to the differences among the English vowels--differences that students may not be able to hear. I also like how the color vowel chart has allowed me to incorporate pronunciation into other aspects of my classes. While students are working together on any task, if I hear a major pronunciation problem I can say, "change your vowel from 'blue' to 'mustard' for that word," and the student is usually able to improve her pronunciation."

Jody Gabler
ESL Instructor
Alexandria, VA (USA)


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