This powerful visual tool enables you to talk easily and accurately about the sounds of English. When combined with the teaching techniques we've developed, the Chart supports a simple, transformational approach to teaching spoken English.  The Color Vowel Chart approach allows learners to easily focus on stress and rhythm - a key to "listener-friendly" English.

  • At the classroom level, the Chart enriches the teaching of vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading, and pronunciation.
  • As part of an integrated curriculum, the Chart provides teachers and students with a common language for making connections between what they learn in one class and what they do in another.
  • In a one-on-one setting the chart provides a focal point for working on pronunciation.

Explore!  See how The Color Vowel Chart can enhance the way you teach.  


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What People are saying:

"Teaching pronunciation in a training enviroment, I don't have the luxury of a full semester or school year to establish a common vocabulary for working with pronunciation. The Color Vowel Chart gets everyone speaking the same language quickly and provides a great mnemonic device for recalling specific sounds. The Color Vowel Chart has become an essential tool in my pronunciation training."

Lisa Richard
ESL Trainer
Alexandria, VA





Shirley will present at the Lighthouse Summer Symposium:  Meeting ESL Students Where They are and Leading Them to Success at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, June 20 - 21. More details to follow.

Shirley will present "Pronunciation:  Teacher-Friendly, Student-Friendly Techniques" at the 2014 MAACCE (Maryland Association for Adult Community and Continuing Education) Conference in Timonium MD on May 9th.

On May 10th Shirley will conduct a workshop for TASSC (Torture Abolition and Survivor Support Coalition) for survivors of torture who want to improve their spoken English so they can share their stories. 



  • The U.S. Department of State's Office of English Language Programs is distributing The Color Vowel Chart abroad through U.S. embassies and consulates. Contact your Regional English Language Office for information on how to get posters for your classroom!

  • Watch our 75 minute State Department Webinar: Teaching Spoken English with the Color Vowel Chart here.
  • The new Mini-Chart (the size of a business card) features The Color Vowel Chart on one side, and a lists of words on the other that illustrate the multiple spelling patterns for eight of the vowel sounds (colors). Now learners can practice their pronunciation anywhere, anytime!                    Price: pack of 50  -- $12
  • Resources for Teachers, the essential guide to teaching English with The Color Vowel Chart, is available by clicking on Orders.